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 ralph lauren shoes Four Thistle , Chengdu marketplace corner . Dongchenggen from West Gate Street north along the line to Guojielou blocks west, under wear Shun Street , Thistle forward is four . From 2055 to 2060 , between 1966 , which are frequently roughly two hours round trip here. The first period was a boarding kindergarten in Chengdu , every weekend they take back four Thistle by the aunt to her home , followed by a period of time away from home during the Cultural Revolution, I secretly from Leshan , junior high school students northward big series .

My aunt called her Wenxiu , is an old-fashioned put a foot private school education received , the notice of management of the woman . That year his mother from Kham highlands down at Chunxi Road City First Hospital birth to me , ralph lauren shoes wait for me shortly after the full moon , the father asked the head of the Tibetan people in any group seeking a reliable nanny t with her mother and I returned to Kangding . Any tertiary cousin introduced a four -ish woman called Wenxiu , we will immediately thereafter a ride Kangding Jun partitions American ten trucks from Chengdu , via Ya'an , over the Erlang Mountain back to Kangding .

A long time, knowing each other a mate , I believe a blind date. Wenxiu was renamed Mother Sister , we kids would call her aunt . Wenxiu aunt saw me as their own, very deplored . Her middle-aged widowed , have one son , 2058 junior high school graduates factory apprentice . Mother speaking, Wenxiu was born in a rich family , come down in the late Qing Dynasty , a family moved to Chengdu , drive under the four Thistle No. 58 the courtyard , their grandmother alive before there is no separation , all in bite pot Shengfan , crockery will pile up amazing hop.

Chengdu three years later , I remember in kindergarten , every weekend returns four Thistle , family kids are even walking on tiptoe , ralph lauren shoes see the grandmother sitting in the hall , the atmosphere is not scared out .

In memory, Wenxiu aunt often take half of Bridge Street from kindergarten to me, never let me come down to earth to walk alone , I would often sleep on her shoulders . Also remember that she led me to her table relatives , midsummer , the plane trees flourish under the sun liuyin , quiet alley idle cause . Wenxiu aunt cousin 's daughter at home , they speak a few people sitting on the bed , table aunt 's daughter to rely on his mother 's shoulders , long hair flowing , leisure , looking at me, saying ,

, joy this doll , go buy a kite back with me. After many years still left with the memory of such beauties as shy , beautiful people children . without schools , all day with those who died needlessly in the back of East tour around the West , one day , suddenly the back of a military collapse , sets a tea sets, along with those of the middle school students northward .

Wenxiu find my aunt reception center at the North Gate Bridge, Chengdu Teachers College, called the flowers like I quietly followed her , my hand in her hand , holding the dough , through the people of North , Chiang intersection, Jianghan Road to Guojielou removed from the corner of her handkerchief wrapped in a cloth in the fifth to give me money to buy a bunch of fruit sugar, oil , all the way to a bunch of my tears silently flowing , the string of fruit sugar, oil has been in the hand , zhi Dao to four courtyards . Quite a while , I told her that I do in the future commander , when you want to honor her.

Many years later, she finally lay down ralph lauren shoes , never get out the door , and that was Wenxiu ninety -year-old aunt . I'll go visit her mother has appeared disoriented, asked to see her who she is , blankly expressionless , her stroke hemiplegia old son jokes that she had confused . My venue bed, to see her eyes light up , head slightly raised, whisper to say, hee hee came.

Shaohua will do , two -thirds of dust and water .

When writing these words , the window bright, ripe rice farmers ralph lauren shoes , it was rush in the harvest in the farm fields by night , someone still Changpu threshing , Boom Boom , a raised aspartate strong smell , luring me think of many, many memories ......